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Title: Live Broadcast Tonight
Post by: Jo on September 08, 2015, 12:08:13 PM
Tune in from 10pm BST tonight to see a live broadcast with the Atik Infinity by Steve and Rui over in Portugal!

We'll post a URL to the broadcast as soon as it becomes available, and we'll also post any updates over here on our website - (

If you have a Google login for YouTube, you'll be able to use the comments to chat live with Steve and Rui throughout the broadcast, or if you post questions here throughout the day, we'll do our best to get them answered live on air.

Enjoy the show!
Title: Re: Live Broadcast Tonight
Post by: Carl on September 09, 2015, 08:55:51 PM
Well done folks enjoyed the show. Thanks for keeping it real with a moderate scope and mount this is what it's about. This shows me a lot more than putting the new cam on a 16 inch scope with an EQ 8😀.

Kept it fun and saw what the Infinity is capable of and what live broadcasting is about!

Looking at the forums you have ruffled a few feathers which is a good thing!😀

Title: Re: Live Broadcast Tonight
Post by: aviegas on September 10, 2015, 01:41:05 AM
I applaud your good intentions in performing the live broadcast on youtube. However, the execution and poor telescope operation seriously impacted the performance and overall impression of the Infinity.   For expert video astronomy enthusiasts the best place to showcase your equipment is NSN (  this is where a true comparison and evaluation of the infinity can best be seen.   Should you broadcast again, I would strongly recommend you use a better mount, with ability to track accurately for more than a minute and you use a faster optic, perhaps a refractor or cassegrain at F5 or faster.  There is competition for video astronomy and there is another icx825 camera currently being sold as well.  Your software has some interesting features, but in a direct shoot out the question remains, does the ATIK perform better than the competition.  The jury is still out on that...  still I want to thank you for the broadcast and despite its flaws it was nevertheless interesting.  Keep developing, and working on improving your products and for introducing a video astronomy camera.