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Author Topic: Problems with ArtemisCapture and SDK at Win7  (Read 927 times)


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Problems with ArtemisCapture and SDK at Win7
« on: December 14, 2016, 08:08:27 PM »
Hi All,

I got an ATIK 460EXm and i want to write my own software using the ATIK-SDK. But at first i wanted to test the new camera with the ArtemisCapture-application. I installed the whole software-package an my three computers, all Win7 SP1 64bit, without any failure or warning.

But ArtemisCapture and the camera run correcly only at one computer. At the second ArtemisCapture run but it couldn't find the camera. At the thrid ArtemisCapture was only listed in the task-manager but was not at the Screen. At all three computers the camera was listed in the hardware-manager as an USB-device with the same drivers.

Then i wrote an little application that had to do these three steps:
1. load the dll-library, 2. get the version-numbers of the api and the dll, 3. connect to the camera and get the camera-handle.

At the first computer everything worked fine. At the second all function calls worked, but i got a failure at calling the api-version and at connecting the camera. The dll-version was correct. At the third loading the dll didn't work and i got no failure-message or -value. The application was dead, but was listed in the task-manager. Loading the dll with the DONT_RESOLVE_DLL_REFERENCES-option worked, but the functions to get the version-numbers didn't answer and the application was allso dead.

I think there is a problem at the invironment. Which components - with which versions - does the ATIK-software need to run correct? Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance!