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Author Topic: 383L+, EFW2 and Windows 10 connection issue  (Read 1399 times)


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383L+, EFW2 and Windows 10 connection issue
« on: May 16, 2017, 01:26:12 AM »

So I noticed this issue once I started using an EFW2. After the initial install of the native drivers and ASCOM drivers I am able to connect to the camera and filter wheel. I've verified this through ASCOM util, your native capture software and the capture software I use - SGPro. This is all on a laptop running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

When I am done, I disconnect camera via SGPro after warm up and turn off cooler, disconnect from the EFW2 and other equipment. Shut down SGPro and other software (PHD2, ASCOM mount control).

If I then try to reconnect the camera and filter wheel don't connect. The device manager shows them as connected and functioning. One thing I do notice is that when it all works, I notice a subtle double clicking sound coming from the 383L+ right after power up. When it doesn't work I don't hear that.

The only remedy is to uninstall the artemis software and ASCOM Atik USB Filterwheel driver. I also delete the Atik 383L+ device and drivers via the Device Manager. Then I have to reinstall all the software. I have seen this with earlier versions of the atik install but here is what I am using currently:

SetupArtemisUniversal- - I install the core software + the ASCOM drivers

When I connect in SGPro I use Atik Camera and Atik FilterWheel EFW2 ASCOM drivers.

Have you had anyone else encounter this? Again I had no problems prior to using the EFW2 and only when I introduced that did this start happening.




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Re: 383L+, EFW2 and Windows 10 connection issue
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2017, 02:14:50 AM »
I received my Atik 383L+ on 16th also. I have Windows 10 64 Bit too.
My Atermis software could not see the Atik 383L+.
I reported the problem to Atik support.

With in a couple of hours they responded. They recommended to try restarting the ArtemisHscService please, details are below.

1) Open task manager

2) Go to ‘Services’ tab

3) Click ‘Services’ button (at the bottom)

4) Find ‘ArtemisHscService’ in list

5) Right Click -> Restart

This addressed my problem.