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Author Topic: Upgrading from a D5100 to a full the D850 worth the upgrade over the  (Read 657 times)


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I have been shooting with my D5100 for several years now, and I think that it's time to jump to the full frame sensor for the better field of view, the better low light performance, and weather sealing.

With the crazy deal on the D750 right now, I can get into that with the 28-300mm "all in one" lense (until I can save up for additional lenses) for right around 2k.

My question worth the extra 1000 dollars to get into a D850 for someone who is NOT shooting professionally?

I have seen a couple D850's go locally on Craigslist for around 2 grand, and I can get the same lens for about a grand, so the cost of entry would be closer to 3k not 2k if I went this route.

I'd also have to get a flash, and truth be told I don't actually use my current D5100 to shoot video (ever) but that may change with a much nicer rig.