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Author Topic: Using camera lenses with Horizon?  (Read 527 times)


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Using camera lenses with Horizon?
« on: January 14, 2019, 04:39:24 AM »
ZWO makes a T2 to M4/3 adapter for their ASI1600 ASI294 and ASI183 cameras.  I wonder if this adapter would work with the Atik Horizon cameras?  Also not sure if this is FourThirds or Micro FourThirds.  There is also an adapter for Canon EOS too.

For M/43:

For Canon:

I think I have answered my own question:  The ZWO ASI1600 has a backfocus of 6.5mm.  The Atik Horizon has a backfocus of 13mm.  A m4/3 camera has a backfocus of 18mm.  With a m4/3 lens on a ZWO1600, the adapter would have to be 12mm thick to achieve infinity focus.  Using that adapter with the Atik Horizion would cause infinity focus to happen 13mm - 6.5mm = 6.5mm in front of the sensor.  Thus that adapter would not work with Horizon.  Instead, the adapter would have to be 12mm - 6.5mm = 5.5mm.  I suppose that an adapter could be made with that thickness, but currently one does not exist.

For a lens used on a camera with 44mm to 46mm back focus, there would be far more room to build an adapter, the Canon option even has room to place a filter wheel between the lens and camera.

Additional discoveries:  The Canon adapter uses Canon EF type lenses and the adapter can work with the ZWO 1600 with the 6.5mm backfocus.  And it comes with a 5mm extension for the ZWO cameras that have 12.5mm backfocus. I suspect that this combination would work with the Horizon camera.  My only problem is that I don't own any Canon EF lenses -- but they should be obtainable at reasonable prices for manual lenses.  Might need a slightly thinner T2 spacer for the Atik Camera.

 And there is another one that is thin enough to use a filter wheel, but I don't think this is going to work for the Horizon:
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