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Author Topic: Is there a difference between the Beta Model Atik Horizon and the current model?  (Read 1173 times)


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Hi All,

I was curious if the beta model is significantly different than the current production model?

 I saw that the USB 3.0 port type was switched for the full production model - were there any other changes to the hardware that I should be aware of? I am curious as to whether the beta version is much different that the current production model (maybe there are software changes as well?).

Any info is appreciated. Thanks!


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While I donít have a beta version, I have a early production unit (#19?) that still has the early version usb 3 connector. As long as youíre using the latest sw download from 21Aug2018 you are good.

I had enquired about having the camera usb connector updated but I was told that it isnít feasible. I have a OSC Horizon.