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Author Topic: Anyone have experience with Mallincam cameras and/or video astronomy?  (Read 200 times)


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I won a Mallincam Xtreme not too long ago and I am still contemplating selling it (and buying equipment for visual astronomy) or keeping it and investing in a LCD screen (or laptop) and power source. I currently have an astromaster 90 and skywatcher 10 in dob, with a few ~$100 eyepieces. I haven't even had the dob for a year, so I'm still occupied with visual astronomy and not really driven to get into something new yet. I do most of my observing with in a city (at my house), and a few times out in the suburbs (field).

That being said, what's your opinion on video astronomy? Is it worth while to spend the extra time/money to setup a video system over just observing visually? If anyone has used a Mallincam (or similar), what's the best setup in terms of using a screen vs. laptop? Also, what screens and video grabbers (analog to digital converter for laptop) are good in this application? If I do use it I'd like a decent setup that isn't too expensive. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction because right now it's just sitting on my shelf.