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Author Topic: Spring is looking around the corner ...  (Read 128 times)


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Spring is looking around the corner ...
« on: March 02, 2019, 11:32:59 PM »

Spring is Galaxy Season :)

Messier 66 in Leo, 48 frames each 15 sec exposure,  stacked with Infinity software.
SQM reading 19,41. temperature 7C, seeing 5/10 (not one of the best nights)

Please note:
I do not do astrophotography in the actual sense, but I make video observations, which I document and edit the pictures for this purpose.
I am observing from my backyard outskirts of Hamburg in a suburban (Bortle 5, MPSAS 19.8) zone. It is fascinating to watch on the monitor how an image of a DSO that is millions of light years away gradually emerges. Most of the time I take 30 light frames of 30 seconds maximum.
It's like operating an 18" telescope in a rural location. The Atik Infinity allows me to follow the observation reports in The Night Sky Observers Guide.


Meade LX 200 EMC 8" , tracking mount bild in
Meade Reducer 0.63
Atik Infinity Mono
Bortle Class 5
MPSAS 19.6