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Selecting a camera
« on: August 03, 2019, 11:46:14 AM »
Hello everyone,,
A table that compares the technical capabilities (and prices) of Atik cameras would be useful - does it exist?

Trying to work from first principles:

I want a camera whose pixel size matches or lies below the diameter of the Airy disk at the focal plane.   This diameter by convention is 1.22 x wavelength x f-number, so for 550nm light and and f10 lens, this would be 6.7 microns.   For an f4 lens/mirror then we'd need <= 3.3 microns (bigger aperture, sharper picture, yes?).

Then I want a sensor big enough to accept the size of the image I wish to shoot, which is the angular diameter of the celestial object (just a number, no arc-seconds, please) x the focal length of the lens/mirror.   So for the moon (angular size about 1/111) and a 750 mm focal length lens, we have an image size of 750 mm/111 = 6.76 mm.

So, now I have my desired resolution and size - where's that table?!!