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Title: ATIK Linux Drivers
Post by: NickK on December 30, 2014, 12:25:50 am
I have created a Linux version of my ATIKOSXDrivers that provides a pure C++ implementation .

This means:
* Modern and Legacy cameras, EFW2 support
* 32/64bit dynamic library implementation for OS X and Linux  (actually this should work embedded as long as there's a linux-based compiler chain, C++ library and USB support!)
* Pure C++ interface  - no Apple Objective-C++ based interface or ARC problems.
* Utilisation of ATIKOSXDrivers and ATIKOSXLegacyDriver core  (C++) code provides a high confidence level
* Existing Objective-C++ ATIKOSXDrivers & ATIKOSXLegacyDrivers continue - these provide a more efficient driver and work flawlessly with Cocoa applications. Implementation using pure Apple IOKit facilitates use in sandboxing.

Timeline for this is late January. However new drivers are functioning with modern and legacy cameras now - I will be doing a proper regression test with the drivers along with dogfooding.

You can follow the progress here:

However these drivers are still closed source and have been developed under NDA with ATIK.