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Title: Atik 383L over-scan regions
Post by: cmbennett01 on June 19, 2017, 04:44:38 pm
I understand that it is common practice, especially when doing photometry, to subtract the mean of the over-scan on all image frames, lights, darks and bias, and possibly add a fixed pedestal before any further processing. The idea being the bias offset is not fixed but can vary from frame to frame.

The Atik drivers crop the over-scan region when downloading (or is it the firmware?). I use the cloudmakers INDI drivers but the Atik drivers do the same.
The question is, are there Atik drivers that leave the over-scan uncropped?

Second question...  In a set of two hundred bias frames from an Atik 383L, the mean and the std dev are exactly the same for all frames. It seems inconceivable that this would be the case if the bias offset varied from frame to frame. Is this bias offset variation a myth or is the Atik driver subtracting the over-scan automatically?