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Title: EFW3 - running two in SGPro - working then crashing.
Post by: tooth_dr on March 02, 2021, 11:04:30 am
Hi guys
I recently bought a 16200 mono and an EFW3.  I am pairing this with my QHY268M and another EFW3.
SGPro recognises them with different serial numbers.
Over the past couple of nights I am struggling to get both working.  When I connect both, the first one will rotate once to a desired filter, then it becomes unresponsive.  The second one wont work at all.  Both appear as connected initially.  However they subsequently disconnect themselves from SGPro, and although I can reconnect, they wont move.  I need to turn off PC to get them working again, then the above repeats.  I decided to leave the EFWs and just concentrate on images with the Luminance filter, however the 16200 then wouldnt take an image, given a problem with starting exposure.
I have previously used the camera for a few exposures on it's own without connecting the wheel so I know the camera is working.  Just to add, I'm connecting both EFWs through my Hitec Astro Mount Hub Pro V3.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.