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3- and 4-Series Cameras / Atik 383L+ thread type
« Last post by Antonio_Agudo on April 18, 2022, 05:04:57 pm »
Hello everyone. This topic may already be covered, but I haven't been able to get it on the forum.

Do you know what type of thread (female) the Atik 383L+ has? Is T2 or M42?

I want to connect a filter slider changer and I need to know the thread type.

In the technical information of the CCD put thread of front M42x0.75 but I have read that T2 metric is 42 mm with a thread pitch of 0.75mm and M42 metric is also 42mm, but with a 1mm thread pitch.  That's why my doubdt.

Thanks in advance.
Atik Horizon / Re: Horizon is not recognized by software
« Last post by Noah4x4 on April 09, 2022, 07:20:36 am »
I twice suffered this after Windows Updates.  Had to reinstall all of my drivers for camera, focuser etc. My theory is Microsoft is possibly trying to clear out drivers that it has not certified (nor earned money upon!). Try reinstalling Atik core software, ensuring that 'Drivers' is ticked.
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« Last post by JosephBooff on April 08, 2022, 09:47:59 pm »
Atik Horizon / Re: Dark frames not so dark
« Last post by saturne33 on April 08, 2022, 07:00:56 pm »
Hello. I have been in contact with Atik support (very reactive, thank you!). They advised me that the glow along the frame borders is related to the 'Exposure Speed', that should be set to 'Power save' instead of 'Normal'. And indeed there is a clear improvement, visible for example on the right dark frames in the screen capture.
Please note that the left dark frame is shown in 'negative' mode.
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« Last post by apnietval on April 08, 2022, 02:47:10 pm »
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Atik Horizon / Dark frames not so dark
« Last post by saturne33 on April 05, 2022, 07:34:22 pm »
Hi from south west of France,
I'm using the Horizon II color and I constantly noticed the same image pattern on all my dark images.The top and bottom edges are significantly lighter than the rest of the image. This is also the case on the right edge, excepted in the middle.
This is very well visible on the attached inverted (negative) example took at 45 sec. cooled at -5°C.
The brightness of the lightest areas is double as compared to the darkest.
I saw a very similar image on another post ("Noise and poor sensitivity..." posted by bribon on Nov. 10, 2021).
It is difficult to consider that as normal  :-[... Any one else with the same kind of dark frames ?
Any remedies ??
Thanks !
Atik Horizon / Horizon is not recognized by software
« Last post by Fludoc on March 30, 2022, 08:58:52 pm »
Worked fine in the past. After sitting in my go to bag for about 6 months will not connect to my computer. Have tried multiple cables and computers but na da. Fan goes on but no one home at the inn with Atik or other software.
Software and Everything Else / Re: Atik Base and Stellarmate unable to register
« Last post by Altouch on March 20, 2022, 05:02:59 am »
It has been a while since I posted on the continuing sad story of the AtikBase. So far its most useful feature is as a 12volt power distribution box. I can talk to it on WiFi now after reloading the image from Atik. I can connect to my Mount (CGE) and my focus motor (Pegasus Astro Focus Cube). I can fire up Kstars on my windows machine and connect to the Atikbase via WiFi and tell the telescope where to go.  I can issue a set point for the focus motor and it will go to that set point. My AtikHorizon won’t connect. The driver crashes. Likewise the QHYCCD driver crashes.  So my Atik Horizon is not usable with the Atik base. Nor is my guide camera. 

When doing auto-detect of USB ports, both the Atik camera and the QHY5III178M are recognized. However they can’t be used because the driver crashes. Therefore Stellarmate app on the iPad can’t be used as there must be at least one usable camera. Good thing Kstars on windows let’s me know the Mount and focus motor work.  However not worthwhile without any cameras.

So, back to being a very lightweight paperweight. Not a very good paperweight as it is too light <grin>. Now I guess I must go I search of valid drivers for Atik cameras and QHY cameras. I had at least expected the Atik camera to connect without flaw when using an Atikbase. I had expected to fight with everything else.

So far a very poor experience and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Neither the Atikbase or Stellarmate. Maybe as I fight with it over the coming months or years it might eventually work.  One can hope.
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