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Old data - new processing
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:25:15 am »
Those that have been following the Equipment sub-forum, know I've been developing an "on-the-fly" realtime alignment and stacking.

Here's an example using old Ha data I have from the south of france. I was using a borrowed Lunt 60 for the first time with the Titan camera (659x495 pixels) and beta versions of the OSX drivers.
The image capture was 159 images long, the software pipeline then took the images and did the following:
* linear stretch
* applied a deconvolution to reduce scope based blurring
* graded each image and rejected those below the set quality level - leaving 59 images
* aligned (rotation and movement) to sub-pixel precision & accuracy
* stacked the resulting aligned frames using drizzle
* rendered to the display

The frame rate - reading from a slow laptop HD - is 16 fps with unoptimised code that matches the titan's maximum frame rate! More optimisation and this will increase greatly.

Here's the image - click for full drizzled resolution!
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