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Author Topic: First Light - Color Horizon - Cloudy Moon  (Read 3500 times)


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First Light - Color Horizon - Cloudy Moon
« on: March 27, 2018, 08:41:17 am »
Finally got out under the cloud with a foggy Moon being the only thing I could see (and shoot)...  Not a star in sight!
Setup: ATIK Color Horizon camera, William Optics Megrez 90 scope, WO 0.8x flattener/reducer, STC Duo-Narrowband filter (6nm @ Oiii & 6nm @ Ha), #13 neutral density filter.  Required the neutral density filter to get the exposure above the minimum 0.001 sec. of the camera.
Images: 195x0.05 sec. @ Gain: 1 & Offset: 1.
Moon, 50% of full scale, best 5 of 195 subs aligned and stacked in RegiStax 6.2, tweaked in Lightroom.
Up to this point I've been shooting pix of mountains and buildings.  Nice to see it work on a stellar object.

P.S.:  Having to reduce the size of the image (to under 600KB) for posting detracts for the whole exercise of showing off an image!!  As as result I doubt I'll be posting many more pictures off the camera in the future.