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Author Topic: EFW2 sofware bug  (Read 2635 times)

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EFW2 sofware bug
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:56:15 am »
Having just purchased this 9 position filter wheel to replace my Orion 7 position one I am disappointed with the software.
I use it for planetary imaging via a 14" Meade SCT and filter changes are often made when the seeing is good. However changing filters forward works ok ie: R to G to B to IR to CH4 etc  but if I want to go back which you often need to do as the focus constantly changes the wheel does a full rotation so going from G to R takes forever. Surely there is a fix for this as the poor ole Orion Nautilus manages this easily?

Second point, a friend also wants to buy one but does not use windows and as a programmer he needs driver info from Atik, needless to say he has a negative response on 2 occasions.

Cheers, Phil


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Re: EFW2 sofware bug
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2015, 09:25:51 am »
Hi Phil,
I have an EFW2, from experience the EFW2 design rotates one way only. The filter software reports back to the application the state - including when it's transitioning and when it's completed it's transition. This information is exposed on the Windows SDK.

I take it you're imaging rather than using it for visual?

There are several sources for drivers  - ATIK's own Windows SDK, INDI where Cloudbusters have implemented OS X and Linux, and mine on OS X. The source for the drivers is closed source, both Cloudbusters and I have signed NDAs in the past todo this.
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