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Author Topic: Atik OAG vs Celestron OAG  (Read 2418 times)


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Atik OAG vs Celestron OAG
« on: January 13, 2016, 01:05:48 pm »

Flexure issues have taken me to going OAG route. Finding it difficult to choose between Celestron OAG and Atik OAG. I've an ATIK EFW2, Atik 383L+ and Celestron 11" SCT OTA. Celestron OAG seems best connector adapter to C 11". On the other hand, Atik OAG best adapter for ATIK EFW2. Which one is best to choose. In either case, is there a missing connector adapter I need for both to suit the combination I have. One final issue is I also use a Celestron Focal Reducer 6.5 so that's another factor?

Any advice re above appreciated.