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EFW2 locked
« on: August 10, 2012, 03:31:18 pm »
I was yesterday facing for the first time to a dysfunction of my filter wheel fitted to a 383L purchased a few month back. An expected session did not start as software Artemis or MaximDl was waiting the filter wheel in the correct position for the 1rst exposure of the sequencer. A quick check with only powering on and off indicates the normal two-prerotation of the wheel. After closing my session I've discovered the wheel stopped between the two first filters. An indoor checking with a XP PC just performed does not reveal any anomalies, the wheel running properly whilst the failure occured with a Vista PC. My questions are:
- What can be the cause of locking between two filters.
- Is any care to be taken in terms of USB connection, like use of powered USB hub.