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Author Topic: After a meridian flip, ASCOM driver returned a stale camera frame from before MF  (Read 3757 times)


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I use SGP to automate my imaging sessions.
I noticed a wrong behaviour with my ATIK GP with meridian flip.

It seems that, after the meridian flip, SGP tells PHD2 to auto-select a star BEFORE resuming frame looping (PHD is stopped during MF).
As a result, PHD2 autoselects the star on a frame corresponding to the “Before meridian flip situation”.
This is because, as shown by the logs, the Atik GP ASCOM driver returned a stale camera frame from before the meridian flip.

Of course, when PHD2 resumes looping a few seconds later, this star is lost (since meridian flip has occured !) but PHD2 always finds a (false) star in the search box and reports “guiding” to SGP, even if this guiding is of course very poor (and, for SGP, there is no error hence no recovery to do).
This forces me to stop PHD and manually issue a "auto-select star" command.

This behaviour has been seen by Andy Galasso ( who offers help on this topic.

In my opinion, this should not be so difficult to correct.



Logs :