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Author Topic: Another EFW2 failure Solved  (Read 3013 times)

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Another EFW2 failure Solved
« on: March 13, 2018, 08:46:40 pm »
After cleaning my filters I encountered many of the problems I have read in recent posts -- hard to connect, fliter wheel keeps turning, stops between filters, wrong filter selection (as in SGP reporting Blue in position 1 and actually having green in Position 2, etc.). Switching cables did not help. Re-installing Artemis capture and drivers did not help. Then I read one post that suggested adjusting the tension using the little recessed screw next to the USB connector. Bingo!

ATIK should post this solution. If the tension is not correct, things go wrong, perhaps even with connection (??). American users: you need a 1.5mm hex wrench for the screw. Persons living in rational countries probably have a set.