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Author Topic: Suggestion for Horizon USB Cable  (Read 7036 times)


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Suggestion for Horizon USB Cable
« on: April 25, 2018, 07:26:58 pm »
I have had a Horizon color camera for several months but because of poor skies and clouds I have only used it on about ten occasions.  I have had numerous issues with the operation of the camera that repeatedly trace to the USB cables.  Can you discuss USB cabling connections and possibly produce a video on the topic.  What are the best cable configurations and how do you reliably extend the distance between the camera and the computer?  What are reasonable limits to how far the cables can be extended?  Please discuss using active USB-3 cables and powered Hubs to improve the signal.  Discuss if multiple items can be operated through the Hub, such as telescope control, guide camera, the Main camera etc.  Also discuss advantages and limits of USB 2 and USB 3.

One major improvement that should be made to the Horizon Camera is that the USB-3 micro-B connection should be changed to a USB-3 Type B regular connection.  I have great difficulty getting the micro-B connection plugged in, especially in the dark.  Also, the regular Type B connection would be a better and more secure connection than the micro-B connection.