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Author Topic: Infinity Save Function Issue  (Read 7037 times)


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Infinity Save Function Issue
« on: May 08, 2018, 05:42:19 pm »
I bought an Atik Horizon camera about two months ago and started using the Infinity software to operate the camera.  I updated the software a few days ago and the Infinity "Save" function seems to have developed a problem.  If I record and try to save a stacked image the save function responds in two different ways.  It will sometimes save the image in one of the format options, then let me save the image in a second format option but after that it will not let me save the image again.  It will not even let me overwrite an already saved image. It acts like it is trying to save; it will let me pick the save option, go to the save folder to name the file but when I select the save function it just returns to the previous screen where you select the save options, i.e. tiff, PNG, ect., and doesn't do anything.  No file will have been saved.  The second way it will respond is it sometimes will not save anything unless I pick the 8-bit option.  Here again it will only let me save twice.  A work around that I have found is to stack one additional image, I can then save the stacked image two more times in different formats.  All my original fits files are being saved to the appropriate directory with no issues, so I have the option to work with those files or replay the session.  Hopefully you can identify what is causing this problem and correct it or let me know if there is something I need to do differently.