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Author Topic: Any help with RGB exposure ratios  (Read 7371 times)


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Any help with RGB exposure ratios
« on: June 07, 2017, 06:32:02 pm »
..have just posted M13 on images and looking for anyone with knowledge to say what he believes are the best ratios for RGB exposure times on the Atik 9.0.  After testing, I have gone to 1/1.3/2.0.  Any authority on this topic?
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Re: Any help with RGB exposure ratios
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2020, 09:54:50 am »
I'm just trying to understand what the optimal ratio is in exposure times for Luminance filtered frames vs RGB filtered frames?..  I've read some tutorials that recommend using 2x2 binning for the R,G,B filtered exposures, and then resizing to match your 1x1 luminance exposures.  But then I'm left wondering if I do that, how long of an exposure should I use for the RGB at 2x2 binning compared with the L frame?  And how much should I reduce the gain by for the 2x2 binning on RGB compared with the L frame?  So I've been taking my L,R,G,B filtered images all with 1x1 binning and the same gain so far... and taking about 2-3 times more L frames than RGB's... but the thing I always seem to run into., so far anyway,. is that after combining the RGB images in PI, the colors look good, but then after adding the Luminance integrated image, the color is significantly reduced.  So I've read through a tutorial that explains to then dial the transfer function setting down on the LRGBCombination process from 0.5 to something lower to put more weighting on the RGB color than the L... but I've wondered, at that point, what was the point of taking so many more L frames?  If I'm then going to deweight the L in combining with RGB in order to preserve the color?  So... then I began wondering if I just am not taking the right ratio of L images to R,G,... and B images...

 Thanks in advance for any help anyone feels like offering me...
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