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Author Topic: 490ex color green cast  (Read 5158 times)


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490ex color green cast
« on: February 18, 2021, 10:59:47 pm »
I recently picked up a 490ex color camera.  I'm using it with ASTAP live stacking and while it works... no matter which Bayer Pattern I choose I get green where I would expect red.

In CCD stack I get the correct coloring by choosing 'GRBG'. When I choose that option in ASTAP or EZ Live Stack in PixInsight I get the green coloring.   Any ideas?

What do people in MaximDL use... I get the same green when stacking and converting to color.
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Re: 490ex color green cast
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2021, 07:15:30 am »
My records show that the default bayer pattern for the ATIK 4903x is BGGR. However, when displaying with different apps, the bayer pattern to select might be different. For example, displayed in PixInsight, I have to select GRBG. In Nebulosity 4, I have to select 0,3. With SharpCap, I have to select GRBG. When I use N.I.N.A. for capturing images and set up for the ATIK490ex, it thinks the bayer pattern is RGGB.

To me, that is very confusing. But when I display something as colorful as M57 on different apps, it becomes obvious that this is the case.

So to answer your question, find the bayer pattern for your app that displays the colors correctly, not the one you think it should be.