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Author Topic: Is it worth learning to dogfight in 2018 as a newish player?  (Read 2466 times)


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Is it worth learning to dogfight in 2018 as a newish player?
« on: January 21, 2019, 06:38:18 am »
As the title says, is it worth learning to dogfight? I'm only BR 15 (NC) and the little air I've tried I just get annihilated by good pilots (I can actually easily escape ESF's engaging with rockets) but in a head to head dogfight with noseguns I get smoked. I've not been using any rockets besides rocketpods, but A2G seems kinda futile with maybe the exception of providing CAS against enemy infantry.

So question is, should I bother trying to get good at dogfighting or should I just stick to CAS ESF/valks/libs/skywhales? Or is it not worth (the little action I've gotten so far, the poor XP, doesn't seem like it)? I still like flying, just not getting obliterated obviously.

My background: I'm an old FPS player coming from unreal tournament games, played some arma2 where I got a good feel for flying helicopters (which is why I like the flying in PS2) then played some Tribes Ascend. When T:A died I switched to PS2 for a little while where I focused on the infantry part (on cobalt though), but I've been on an almost 5 year break from 2013'ish to a week or so ago where I began playing on Connery (~115 ping as I'm playing from Europe).