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Rainbow screen
« on: January 19, 2019, 04:09:33 pm »
Took the plunge the video made it seem so easy.................
Purchased Pi 3 B+
Wrote image to card, installed in Pi no boot, tried different cards, formatting cards still no boot. To prove Pi was working purchased official card with Rasbian installed and tested Pi all ok.
Purchased 32gb new card and wrote image to card, now get rainbow screen (and no boot) tried 2Gb and 4Gb both the same.
Tried advanced install from command prompt all went ok until asked to install file    Sudo ./Installer No such command found.
Tried without space same result.
Is this a typo or does this command need to be run as an administrator if there is one?
Have plugged working Pi into router and given it a reserved IP address wireless all ok however cannot find it using AtikAir loaded on wired local pc both connected to router, is this normal or should I find a Pi which has booted up with its own OS?

I'm stumped, will try anything can you advise. Is it the flavour of Rasberry? the type of Pi? Help want to use my Infinity over  wireless!!!!!!


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Re: Rainbow screen
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2019, 02:28:19 pm »
As an addendum to this topic for anyone interested in wireless connectivity I received a reply from Atik stating that they will be developing the Atik base.
Basically a Pi but with a Stellarmate flavour, as Atik are cooperating with that company. I get the impression that users won't be able to use Atik software
but have to use Ekos as an imaging solution which means why not just buy a Stellarmate?

For me personally I have gone down the route of DIY and bought a Gigabyte Brix loaded with Win 7 and joined by Teamviewer. This is still in progress
 but I have no doubt will give me a wireless connection to my Infinity using Infinity software. Apologies to Atik if I have got any of this wrong but it seems
getting an answer to a query such as 'Rainbow screen' posted on 19th January will take some time to get an answer as I imagine it involves writing a new
version of Air for the Raspberry Pi 3 (B+). The very least Atik could do to stop anyone wasting time and money would be to publicise the fact that 'Air'
won't work with this new Pi!