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My ATIK 383L Mono CCD
« on: March 28, 2019, 01:20:56 PM »
Hello everyone,

I decided to try ATIK 383L Mono CCD.  Not sure though if it will be the best fit for a Nikon 810A. Has anyone any experience with it? Anyway, I have discovered that simply shooting with this thing as monochrome and not utilizing anything other than rather a light contamination channel makes astonishing pictures. I am additionally satisfied with the weight of this camera. Of course, I like the delightful shading pictures you can make of divine items as much as anyone else yet the mono pictures this thing can take will leave you speechless.  It is lighter than my DSLRs also which is dependably a worry while trying to do my homework for me on astrophotography.
Should I also consider Cannon 1100D? Now, I've two variants: either Nikon 810A or Cannon 1100D.
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