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Author Topic: EFW3 + Dusk Sequences  (Read 437 times)


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EFW3 + Dusk Sequences
« on: July 05, 2019, 09:12:26 PM »
I noticed an issue in Dusk...

When using the sequence with multiple filters (with a EFW3) the program throws the filter number off by 1. For instance my filters are as follows:

1 = L
2 = R
3 = G
4 = B
5 = Ha
6 = OIII
7 = SII

When setting the sequence to use filter 1 (L) it actually goes to filter 2 (R), also when setting the sequence to go to filter 7 (SII) the sequence will hang. I confirmed this by actually looking at the filters with my eyes while the sequence is running. In case someone may think I just have my filters out of place... afraid now. I confirmed this by making sure the filters are in the correct, numbered holes, in the filter wheel. Also, when just taking a picture using Dusk, not the sequencer part of Dusk, the filter operate correctly. I tell it to go to filter 1 and it does, filter 7 also no problem. It is only happening in the sequence part of Dusk. Seems as though this program could use some love.

Looking at the fit info of a picture you can see that filter 1 is actually called filter 0 in the file. Meaning the program has 7 filters (0-6) and that's why the program hangs when trying to go to filter 7. It is actually telling the filter wheel to go to filter 8 which it does not have...