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Author Topic: EFW2 Ascom SkyX Totally Confused by Atik's Lack of Clear Instructions  (Read 2849 times)


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Should the FilterWheelRunner report "moving" after the wheel is connected and during the selection of filters when using the spin control? That's not happening for me, on either the Runner, Artemis Capture, or any other program via ASCOM such as SkyX and MaxIm.  I wonder if this is an ATIK driver issue?  If so, is there an appropriate way to test that (and/or to remove the current driver and reinstall)? I'm using Win7/64/ASCOM6, and in my Devices and Printers panel I see "FilterWheel2" which is not what I would have expected given Atik's pdf "Installing Drivers with Windows 7" where the illustration there shows that the device should be identified as "Atik Filter Wheel."  Moreover, on that pdf, Atik directs the user to install the "USB1 drivers for the . . . filter wheel". However, if anyone tries it, one can only get to another choice - amd64 or i386 - and not know what which of  those two to install as  they are not even mentioned in the Atik pdf.  The pdf talks about a "Vista64 directory" so I don't know this is old information or not. Any suggestions?   


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Re: EFW2 Ascom SkyX Totally Confused by Atik's Lack of Clear Instructions
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When the EFW2 is powered up, the wheel turns twice. When a new filter is selected the wheel will also move. When the wheel is moving the drivers will indicate this back to the application using it.

If you plug in the power to the EFW2 without a USB connection, does it make a noise (the wheel turning twice)? If not then it sounds like it's either power or the wheel.

Check there's enough current being delivered - I've tried using a AC power adaptor (for testing) that couldn't provide enough power and although it seem to 'work' the wheel didn't turn. In the field, I use a large 100Ah battery which doesn't have any issues powering everything.
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