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Author Topic: NGC 2359 (Thor's Helmet)  (Read 553 times)


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NGC 2359 (Thor's Helmet)
« on: August 03, 2019, 02:48:30 PM »

From 1st light a couple of weeks ago (Mono only) I have progressed somewhat and brought EFW2 filter wheel into play with the 460EX. The sensitivity of this camera is fantastic - this picture (although highlighting my lack of processing skills - and obviosly crying out for more exposure) is nevertheless an eye opener for me as to what will be possible with practice, practice, practice. NGC 2359 is a mere 45x60s L subs (unbinned) with 5 each 60s RGBs (binned 2x2) using Astronomok LRGB filter set. A total of 1 hour. As I get more competant and confident - I'll be happy to gather more light (longer subs).....but of course now will need to get a guide camera set up. I use Astroart 5 for capture and Pixinsight for processing. There are no darks or flats used here - that is another part of the job I need to get my head around



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