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Author Topic: Horizon "window screen/mosaic" display issue  (Read 5960 times)


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Horizon "window screen/mosaic" display issue
« on: September 20, 2019, 02:47:54 am »
I'm working with the good folks at Atik support on this question but in the meantime I thought I'd post it to see if anyone has encountered the same issue. With all of the various computer and cable connections that most of us have in order to enjoy this hobby, it could be due to my specific set up. Fingers crossed that this is an easy fix!

What I'm experiencing is a "window screen" and or mosaic pattern when stacking live images in Infinity with a new Horizon mono. The effect carries through to both saved FIT and JPEG files. A screenshot is attached. The first sub exposure seems to be fine but the effect appears with the second sub when it stacks. Larger stacks do not solve the problem. Sub exposure times, offsets and other Infinity settings have no effect although 2x2 binning seemed to help on some occasions.

The effect does NOT appear at all when imaging with Artemis Capture or SharpCap. It also did not appear when I tested my Horizon OSC with exactly the same equipment including USB, power connections, etc. The OSC with Infinity image is as smooth and anomaly free as always. Why the difference between the two cameras?

I'm running the latest core software from August 2019 on a new I5 laptop. I did see the same effect when running the mono on my other PC that has the legacy August  2018 core package installed. That seems to rule out a problem with the latest core release.

Anyway, thanks for any thoughts that anyone has. I've run out of solutions at this point!


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Re: Horizon "window screen/mosaic" display issue
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2022, 08:24:28 am »
While stacking live pictures in Infinity with a new Horizon mono, I am seeing a "window screen" and/or mosaic pattern. This effect persists in both FIT and JPEG files once they are saved. Please see attached a screenshot. In the first sub, everything seems OK, but in the second sub, as they stack, the problem emerges. Stacking more items together does not help. Infinity parameters such as subexposure durations, offsets, and binning ratios did not assist, while 2x2 binning sometimes did.