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Author Topic: Image downloads via Air on Pi 4 stop after a few frames from Infinity or 314L+  (Read 5939 times)


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I've just set up Atik Air on a Raspberry Pi 4 (with USB3) using the simple instructions (writing the Air disk image to the card). I connected by Ethernet and then Wifi as instructed (BT whole home router).

When testing using Dusk and my Infinity camera, I get just a few frames before it hangs on download. It is not possible to disconnect/reconnect the camera with Dusk hanging. The same is happening with the 314L+, except no image is visible, even though it appears to have run a few frames before stopping. The behaviour is the same whether I manually take frames (with a good pause between) or loop.

Any ideas what to try? I've tried reverting to ethernet, but I'm not sure if it is connecting by wifi or ethernet.




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Hello Nick,

Sorry to hear you are having problems, are you running the latest version of the core software available from

Best regards