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Author Topic: Problems with my ASCOM drivers of the ATIK  (Read 72 times)


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Problems with my ASCOM drivers of the ATIK
« on: May 29, 2021, 01:45:42 am »
Hello everyone, I have problems with my Atik GP camera which I use as a guide camera, let me explain.

The first thing to indicate that I have updated all the Atik software before embedding this post in the forum.

As a guiding solution I have a SkyWatcher Refractor Achromatic 80/400 optical tube and the atik gp camera. The first problem is that when I try to choose the ASCOM driver I see a drop-down menu with several options (atik cameras, atik cameras 2, atik cameras 3, atik cameras 4, etc etc   :o :o :o) of the 6 options only the option of atik cameras and atik cameras 3 They contain the "Atik GP6666" camera and I don't know which of the two options to choose   :-\.

The second of my problems is that I can't see any stars through that tube and with the atik gp (I don't know if I can't focus, I've tried putting extenders) whatever it is, I don't see any stars. With PHDGuiding I don't see any stars either, so I understand that the problem is in the ascom drivers.

Can you help me? Thank you