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Author Topic: Why does ATIK 490ex report less pixels than it should? (1 line and 1 column)  (Read 2252 times)


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I have just bought a new ATIK 490ex mono, and the first question I have is why does the camera driver report having 3379x2703 pixels ? It should be 3380x2704 according to the specification.

Here is the log from ASCOM diagnostics:

Create              Creating device
Connected           Connecting to device
Name                ARTEMIS CCD: ATIK-490ex (1433523145)
Description         ARTEMIS CCD: ATIK-490ex (1433523145)
DriverInfo          ASCOM driver version
Camera ARTEMIS CCD: ATIK-490ex (1433523145)
Sensor Name ICX814, Type Monochrome
ATIK API version 6,42 HSC
DriverVersion       6.2
InterfaceVersion    2
CameraXSize         3379
CameraYSize         2703
BinX                1
BinY                1
MaxBinX             8
MaxBinY             8
HasShutter          False
Connected           Disconnecting from device
Dispose             Disposing of device
Dispose             Completed disposal of device