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Author Topic: ATIK 490EX vs. ATIK One9.0  (Read 7112 times)


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ATIK 490EX vs. ATIK One9.0
« on: April 16, 2018, 09:26:39 pm »
Hi everybody,

I want to buy a mono CCD camera. Until now I used the Color CCD Alccd8L from QHY. Right now, I am looking at the ATIK 490EX with the ATIK EFW2 filter wheel or the ATIK One 9.0.

Both setups use the same sensor, but some things are different.

One 9.0
- Integrated Filter Wheel (5x 1.25")
- Argon filled chamber (no condensation)
- Cooling -38°C

- External Filter Wheel (9x 1.25")
- Cooling -25°C
- high-performance molecular sieve desiccant to avoid condensation

The filters I want to buy:
- Bader Filter Set (LRGBC + H-alpha (35) /O-III (8.5) /S-II (8 ))

I never used a mono camera before, so I am quite new to imaging with filters.

Is there one setup you can recommend?



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Re: ATIK 490EX vs. ATIK One9.0
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2018, 02:34:11 pm »
Depends where You live, i also wanted to choose between those two, in the end i realized that integrated filter wheel with 5 slots is not very good thing, only bonus for Atik 9 is cooling, 490 has only -25 below ambient (mine goes -30 with no problem ). So if you live in a place where you have  mild weather i suggest 490 and filter wheel with 7 slots.
Important thing is to achieve -20 degrees while imaging - no hot pixels,very very very low noise, at -15 degrees You will see hot pixels at long exposure times (20min +) 
So if You live in a hot place then get Atik9.You will need to change filters from narrowband to RGB total set is 7 filters You have 5 slots only, in 5 slots You can put LRGBHalpha filters for galaxy imaging its nice, problems are with narrowband, using Ha, S2, O3 filters + you can put in two of color filters, sad not 3  to make nice  colors for stars.
Otherwise take Atik 490 + Atik filterwheel with 7 slots, remember goal is to achieve -20 during night, should not be a problem if live far from equator (short nights in summer so sumer counts out) how hard is to swap filters in Atik 9 i have no clue, need to ask someone who uses this camera.