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Tom ODonoghue

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Failed to Connect to Camera
« on: December 08, 2018, 03:27:34 pm »
Hi Atik
I have changed my set up to an Eagle 64bit PC. When I install the Core s/w, I m getting the Failed to connect to camera message when I open Artemis.
I m using my 10 year old Atik 11000 camera.
I have no issue with the EFW3. This is seen by SGP wth the Atik EFW driver.
In device manager on the Eagle, I m not seeing the 11meg. Unfortunately my set uup is remote 1000Km away, but I can turn on and off the USB and Power to the camera.
Should the camera be seen in Device manager even if the incorrect driver is installed, or even if the driver is missing?
Given that my camera is old, do I need an older version  HSC driver in 32 bit.  Is there even a 64bit version for older cameras?
Thanks Tom.