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Author Topic: I want a program like Sequence Generator Pro....  (Read 1741 times)


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I want a program like Sequence Generator Pro....
« on: April 16, 2020, 10:13:32 pm »
But I want to save my files (automatically) in a tiff format. NOT fit file format.

I'm a real casual imager that uses Stellarium as my planetarium program. PHD2, a home made ASCOM focuser, manual filter wheel, and I Love my Atik Infinity OSC camera. I also operate my equipment remotely from inside my home, or out at the mount.
I'm quite happy with my kit, and with the results of my imaging.

But I'd like to take my next step, and automate my collecting and saving of my images. A friend helped me to get Sequence Generator Pro working, and plate solving. And it shows me great potential, until it saves an image.....

So I'm open to suggestions about alternatives to Sequence Generator Pro, that can work well with my Infinity camera, and save files in more than one stubborn format.

Am I hoping for to much?