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Use the atik 414ex
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Complete guide on how to use the vacuum cleaner

House cleaning is always a sorrowful and annoying job for many people. Therefore, choosing a good vacuum cleaner will make things very simple. Besides, if you apply the correct way to use the vacuum cleaner, you will maximize the operating capacity of the machine and shorten the cleaning time.

Check furniture around the vacuuming area

For the vacuum cleaner brands from the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews you just bought to work best, you should rearrange the household items a bit. For example, rearranging a chair or table creates a cleaner cleaning space and creates a path for the vacuum cleaner to work.

Besides, you should also move small objects out of the area to be cleaned to avoid active equipment from sucking them in.

Check the vacuum cleaner altitude

Most cleaning machines have a height adjustment index for different types of floors or carpets. Therefore, you should choose an appropriate level for your home. Because the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners often do not have enough force to clean at a position too high compared to the floor. Conversely, if the altitude is too low, there will be a lack of external support air.

During the first few uses, you are inexperienced so you may not adjust the height appropriately. But just testing many cases, you can completely find the most suitable indicator. In addition, you should read the manuals included in the machine to see how much this kind of floor should be adjusted.

Move the vacuum cleaner slowly

Sometimes, you can set the vacuum cleaner mvacuuoving speed faster than the specified level because of laziness or limited cleaning time. This will be very bad because the nozzle will not have enough time to collect all the dirt in the places it passes. As a result, you cannot clean the house as you wish.

Reverse the process

After cleaning in one turn, you should repeat the vacuuming process in the opposite direction. This will help robot vacuums remove any dirt that is in difficult locations.

Empty the garbage bag when it is full

When the garbage bag is full, the vacuum cleaner's performance will deteriorate, resulting in a delay in your cleaning process. Therefore, to keep the machine in good working order, the trash bag should not be more than ¾ full capacity. It is essential to check the trash bag before, during, and after moving house.

Use a combination of equipment included

Most vacuum cleaners come with cleaning aids included like a straw. This tool can easily sneak into positions under the table or corner of the cabinet to deep and thoroughly clean the house. So, combine them with your moving to reduce time and effort.

Clean in a smart way

Before using the device, you should wipe the dust in the room with a towel so that dirt can be affected and into the air. At this point, all you have to do is grab handheld vacuums and walk slowly through the room to collect all kinds of stubborn stains. As a result, the air in the room is also thoroughly cleaned, which will reduce allergies or air pollution.


Hopefully, The Best Vacuum Cleaner will work better with the above uses to regain a clean and shiny home. If you find out which way is more effective during the cleaning process, please share it with us by commenting below.
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