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Higher dark noise with atik air
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:04:29 am »
Good morning
I use an Atik 314L+ and EFW2 filter wheel. Yesterday i tried the Atik Air with a raspberry pi 3 and a tp-link TL-WR802N mini router.
I was able to connect to the pi both with ethernet and wi-fi.
However I had a strange issue...I shot some 10 s darks and when camera is connected by the usual USB hub the dark noise stays well under 1000 ADU (typically 300-400 max) but when I downloaded the frames by wireless network dark noise was 'stretched' up to the top of the 16 bit ADU range!
maybe the culprit is due to the 12V-5V dc-dc converter that I adapted to power on the pi? (I cut a micro-usb cable and used red and black wires positive/negative respectively...should I use also the ground shield in the cable linked to the black wire?)
Can you suggest the best way to avoid electromagnetic interference on the pi?
Best Regards