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I got in touch with Stellarmate. The software needs an update, both on the Atikbase and for iOS. I used the “Software Updater” on the Ubuntu-mate desktop. It ran and took a while. When done, it updated - but now there is no WiFi. I can connect with wired ethernet to the web, and do another software update to see if something was missed. Still no WiFi.  I have searched Ubuntu-mate online and there is no guidance as to how to get WiFi back.  I still have the hotspot connection setup shown, but can’t turn on the WiFi.  I bought the thing so I could use WiFi and have power distribution and a focus controller and plate solving.

No joy in getting the wifi fixed so far.  If I want to use it with my telescope I need a monitor, a wired keyboard, a wired mouse - which is worse than using a laptop. 

Anyone got any ideas? 
Atik Infinity / Re: exposure and noise reduction
« Last post by Max2206 on January 22, 2022, 01:10:48 am »
Can you post a picture of your fan mounted on the infinity?  And what fan are you using.  Different fans have wildly differing amounts of vibration.

I will. As soon as I set up. We have really bad weather down here

Hi i made also a DIY Mod with a Fan on the Infinity Color. I printed a harnas and a backplate where a small 60mm fan is attached to. So i can always emove the mod without damaging the camera. I used antvibration pads uner the Fan nd put same anti vibration cloth on the clamps. (i include a photo)

Software and Everything Else / Re: ASCOM driver for ST4 port ?.
« Last post by idealisticcapture on January 21, 2022, 03:15:11 am »

n the old Artemis CCD Yahoo group there is a message indicating that there is an ASCOM driver for using the ST4 guideport on the camera (in my case an Atik 16HR) when guiding via another camera.

Unfortunately, this group is now closed and only members can get access to the files, so I can't get that file.
Does anyone know of a source of the driver or another solution to allow me to guide via one camera whilst using the ST4 port on my Atik camera to guide?
FWIW I use PHD for guiding with a Meade DSI Pro as a guide camera.


I'm unable to get the file. Is there a source for the driver, or is there any option that will enable me to guide with one camera while utilizing the ST4 port on my Atik camera to guide with another camera?
3- and 4-Series Cameras / 383L+ image saturation
« Last post by DMouse on January 21, 2022, 02:55:11 am »
Hi, occasionally my ATIK383L+ will start giving me blown out, over exposed images for no reason. No clouds, no dew or frosting. Yet a few days later all is good again. when I stretch the image you can see a few stars around the edge of the image, yet the center is all at 65535 adu. I have tried removing the drivers and reinstalling but it comes back again. Not sure if its a driver issue, cable issue or something else?

Thanks for any help

Atik Infinity / Re: exposure and noise reduction
« Last post by Max2206 on January 21, 2022, 12:33:28 am »
I made myself for my Atik Infinity Color a Fanmount that hangs on the camera.
So i do not modify the camera, a non intrusive mod.
Between the 3D printed backplate an the fan a rubber pads and the hooks that attach to the camera have a small protection anti-vibration layer.

I attached a photo of the mod


Deep Sky Images / Re: M57
« Last post by im2033thomas on January 20, 2022, 10:49:36 am »
Nice frames you have taken!! I think you should try Horizon 40” for the best angles. And they are also cleared frames, Anyway Thanks for sharing this with us, keep doing. Thank You!!
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Software and Everything Else / Re: Atik Base and Stellarmate unable to register
« Last post by Altouch on January 17, 2022, 09:15:38 pm »
The saga continues!  For every step forward there is a roadblock. I can connect to the Atik Base, run the iOS version of Stellarmate.  It tries to connect and gives an error message that Ekos Live is not running and to contact Stellarmate support. So, once again another day’s delay.

I can use the hdmi port to connect to a TV/monitor.  I found an old wired keyboard and bought a wired mouse.  I can talk to it - but have not yet figured out how to start Ekos live. I can interact with Kstars. However dragging a monitor, keyboard, mouse out to use the Atik Base is more stuff than just using a laptop.

So far it has been a horrid experience, and I’ll likely be this way as I connect my equipment - if I ever get it running.  Very very cumbersome and twiddly and trying of patience. I predict at least one support e-mail (and day of lag) per new item tried. The USA to Europe time lag is inevitable and tolerable if support wasn’t needed for each and every item as there are roadblocks at each new step.

So far it is not plug and play.  It is not even plug and pray. It is twiddle and pray.
Software and Everything Else / Re: Atik Base and Stellarmate unable to register
« Last post by Altouch on January 17, 2022, 02:35:55 pm »
Found the answer. The little label on a brother label form was upside down stuck to the foam packaging. The flip side of this label had the S/N I needed. Pic attached.
Software and Everything Else / Atik Base and Stellarmate unable to register
« Last post by Altouch on January 17, 2022, 02:41:43 am »
I’ve had my Atik Base almost a week now, and it is a complete paperweight so far.  The Stellarmate web site leaves a lot to be desired. First off, any error messages are hidden under the Stellarmate banner at the top of the page. Once you figure that out, you can look for them by finding the very small slider spot that at least partially displays the error message.

It took several days to get a support message back to figure out how to register.  Problem with recaptcha not working (accidentally stumbled on the hidden error message by scrolling) They fixed the recaptcha issue.

Now I am trying to register my Atik Base S/N.  I sign in to Stellarmate, then go to licenses.  I enter my S/N the whole number without a dash, the whole number with a dash, just the first part of the number. Whatever I do it has the hidden error message that when made readable - says “You have no devices registered.” 

So far a possible good device held hostage by horrid web interface and support. A waste of $US324 for what is essentially a paperweight due to a poor web site which does not allow registration per the instructions provided with the Atik Base.

Any ideas?  I would really like to give it a fair try. 

I can connect to it via WiFi, I figured out the WiFi password which is not in the Atik Base instructions. It is in the Stellarmate instructions, but not called the WiFi password. Once there,  csn’t do anything as I don’t have any devices registered.

So far, pretty unimpressed with the Stellarmate web site user interface. .
Deep Sky Images / OT: CCD-Guide 2022
« Last post by bernhardhubl on January 09, 2022, 12:36:57 pm »
Hello astrophotographers,

The new CCD-Guide 2022 is available!
Information about CCD-Guide including ordering possibility can be found here:

Compared to the previous edition, the new version 2022 offers 374 new astrophotos and considerable software enhancements.

If you would like to learn more about the new features of the software, you are cordially invited to watch our free online presentation of CCD-Guide 2022 including live demonstrations of concrete application examples.

Date: Saturday, 2022-01-22 at 18:30 UT in English

Please send an informal email to bernhard.hubl [at] to register for the online presentation.

It is important to mention that the CCD-Guide team members work voluntary and all income is used exclusively to cover production costs or to support projects of our astronomy club Astronomischer Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut.

Have fun with the new CCD-Guide 2022!

Greetings from
Bernhard Hubl & CCD-Guide team
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