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Atik Infinity / atik infinity
« Last post by pa2jbv on Today at 12:02:45 PM »
Hello hobby enjoyed and profs,

I have been working for a while with infinity, while updating a picture I am missing a logical
order so that I can see during a replay which photos are bad and can remove them. Sometimes the system collects 200 photos to view them piece by piece is quite a chore.

Greetings from Netherlands
Software and Everything Else / atik infinty color ccd for sale
« Last post by theoatc on Today at 11:47:11 AM »
After two years of fun, learning , i've decided to give up my infinity ,since i am interested more in pure AP, amd looking for an upgrade. Price 600 euros.
Infinity comes with its original package and cables. Working 100%. Skype or any other videochat can be done ,if someone wants to check it closer.
My fb page is ,
where u can see pics taken with my atik.
Ships worldwide .
Bank transfer required.
Attached pics with my atik inf mounted on my ed 80 sw..

Equipment / Beginner Camera Suggestion
« Last post by JkMaister on Today at 04:39:25 AM »

I am looking to purchace a decent camera to use mainly for landscapes and street photography while traveling. My budget is £500 ($640).

Currently considering the Sony A6000 because of its compact form and affordable price.

Other cameras I have seen recommended are the Fujifilm X-E1.

If you have any recommendations or thoughts please let me know. I have also considered a point-and-shoot, however I think I would make use of the manual features and interchangable lenses in time.

Thanks in advance.
Large Format / bayer pattern for ATIK16200 colour
« Last post by palermo7 on Today at 01:06:09 AM »
Can anyone provide correct Bayer pattern and x,y offsets for the 16200 chip?

Deep Sky Images / Re: M33 - Triangulum Galaxy
« Last post by punsikorn on February 19, 2019, 10:55:29 AM »
Thank you
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Deep Sky Images / Re: Tadpol galaxie, UGC 10214, Infinity mono
« Last post by punsikorn on February 19, 2019, 10:53:40 AM »
Why does your image have 'wavelets' in it, i.e.: they look like standing waves of some sort?
While I donít have a beta version, I have a early production unit (#19?) that still has the early version usb 3 connector. As long as youíre using the latest sw download from 21Aug2018 you are good.

I had enquired about having the camera usb connector updated but I was told that it isnít feasible. I have a OSC Horizon.
Atik Infinity / Re: Mono Infinity with Rokinon 135mm f2 lens using homemade adapter
« Last post by BillB on February 18, 2019, 11:37:14 AM »
Very nice images Jim,

Can I ask what mount you used if you used guiding, and what were the local conditions like? I have a Canon f2.8 @ 200mm and 30 seconds is enough if the seeing is clear enough but Rokinon / Samyang are quite cheap and the results exceptional!


Hi All,

I was curious if the beta model is significantly different than the current production model?

 I saw that the USB 3.0 port type was switched for the full production model - were there any other changes to the hardware that I should be aware of? I am curious as to whether the beta version is much different that the current production model (maybe there are software changes as well?).

Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
I have a spike lower in histogram which is causing autofocus to fail in sgpro. Also a thick white band at the top of the image which gets thicker if I use binning. I never used to have this. Is it fixable?
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