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Spam / noclegi z basenem podlaskie
« Last post by Dacauthola on July 05, 2022, 11:21:36 pm »
All fixed now. I got a response on the INDI forum. The driver was not linked properly. The command line in the console (or terminal) window to fix it is:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall indi-atik libatik libindi1

Be sure to have the last item on the command line end with the digit 1 and not a lower case L.

Kstars 3.5.9 is now running and talking to my Atik cameras.
Software and Everything Else / Re: ATikbase successful first night
« Last post by Altouch on July 04, 2022, 11:17:46 pm »
Almost two months in for using the Atikbase and Stellarmate, some lessons learned.   

1) Kstars 3.5.8 worked well.   Don't update!   If you do update, don't use the 'software updater" provided as an app.  The first time I used it (january) it wiped out my WiFi.  I got the Atikbase image and used Balena etcher to install the baseline image.  Then I followed the instructions in the Kstars web page to update Kstars from 3.4.3 to the latest (which was 3.5.8 at the time).   This time I mistakenly used the "software updater" app.  The WiFi remained working!   However Kstars would not boot.  You could double click it, watch the hourglass indicating it was thinking, then it would stop and nothing appears.  So, I re-installed the Atikbase image.  Manually updated to the latest Kstars 3.5.9.  Kstars now runs, but the INDI_ATIK_CCD driver crashes. Still working on a solution for this one. 

2) The polar alignment works OK once a problem is solved.   The clock on the ATIK Base doesn't work very well.  It has a date and time that is way off.  The default is to use the internet to set time time.  In the field, I have no internet access.  One can't use the Linux command to set the date/time because it is slaved to the internet.   One can change this with enough time spent.   However, if you set Kstars to the correct day and time (and location), then the polar alignment works correctly most of the time. There are still a few mysteries, but it could be do to an inconsistent operator (me).

3) Plate solving has been working really well. 

4) Focus has been doing OK.  It sometimes has some issues and takes longer than it should, but it basically always gets to the right point eventually.  Most of the time is is pretty quick.  Collimation of your optics is essential for the focus routine to work well. 

5)  Guiding is working well.  I put a longer focal length guide scope on and  this has improved my guiding.  I am now using an 80mm f/5 scope.

6) Meridian flip.   I have about a 50% success rate on meridian flips.  I don't know what the specific solution is for when it works vs. when it doesn't.

7)  I use a VNC.  This works well.   The iOS StellarMate app has so far remained totally useless.  VNC works really well.   If you are using an iPad, be sure to set the display scale on the local machine correctlly.  That way the whole screen is displayed and you don't have to scroll around. 

8 )  The histogram is still interesting.  Back in Kstars 3.4.3 the histogram goes 0 to 65535.  In Kstars 3.5.8 it always goes 0-255.  The statistics with the mean, median, maximum, minimum and standard deviation provides more useful information than the 0-255 histogram. 

Lastly, once you get a working configuration, don't ever update it!   

I've had my Atikbase running for a while now.  It generally works well, with a few lessons learned.  There are still some quirks, but generally works fine.  The plate solving is really good.   

I made the mistake of upgrading to Kstars 3.5.9 from 3.5.8.   Now my INDI_ATIK_CCD driver crashes upon launch.  I would downgrade to 3.5.8 if I can figure out how to do that.  But, because the driver crashes, it is back to being just a power distribution box.  I've included a partial trace log below, and attached a complete log if that is helpful. 

Any clues on how to fix this, or get an updated driver, or retreat to 3.5.8 would be useful. 

[2022-07-04T15:23:55.041 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - Connection to INDI server is successful
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.043 UTC INFO ][           org.kde.kstars.ekos] - "INDI services started on port 7624."
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.060 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "2022-07-04T15:23:55: startup: /usr/bin/indiserver -v -p 7624 -m 1024 -r 0 -f /tmp/indififo7d81ee66 "
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.061 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "2022-07-04T15:23:55: listening to port 7624 on fd 3"
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.061 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "FIFO: start indi_atik_ccd"
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.061 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "FIFO: Starting driver indi_atik_ccd"
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.061 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "2022-07-04T15:23:55: Driver indi_atik_ccd: pid=1285 rfd=4 wfd=7 efd=8"
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.061 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "2022-07-04T15:23:55: Client 5: new arrival from - welcome!"
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.062 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  ""
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.141 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "2022-07-04T15:23:55: Driver indi_atik_ccd: indi_atik_ccd: symbol lookup error: indi_atik_ccd: undefined symbol: _ZThn4768_N4INDI3CCD13GuideCompleteE12INDI_EQ_AXIS"
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.141 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  ""
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.144 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "2022-07-04T15:23:55: Driver indi_atik_ccd: stderr EOF"
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.144 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "2022-07-04T15:23:55: Driver indi_atik_ccd: Terminated after #0 restarts."
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.144 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  ""
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.145 UTC CRIT ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI driver  "indi_atik_ccd"  crashed!
[2022-07-04T15:23:55.167 UTC DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server:  "Child process 1285 died"
Deep Sky Images / Re: The Soul in HOO
« Last post by raval1983 on June 27, 2022, 02:20:58 pm »
A new approach.  Tried a Ha luminance stack with a mono DSLR and combined it with a colored OSC stack with the L-enhance.


I kinda like it


Processed in Startools and GIMP afterwards for color tweaking ., about 7 hours of integration in borttle 5 skies.


Had trouble to take the mono stack, a Ha filter does not show much on a DSLR screen, so test shots for focussing were needed.


Special thanks to the Elf and Dubbelderp for advice and aligning the stacks, which gave me a problem , in this case


Took a bit too much stars out, and background a little too dark. Definately an issue in the reduces jpg file


But i think this approach might work on certain emission nebulae.


Thoughts and criticisme welcome
Atik Horizon / Re: Horizon II presets and their GAIN equivalents
« Last post by AmityJane on June 16, 2022, 03:15:05 am »
Hello. Hope to be able to help you
The sensors in the original Horizon OSC and the ZWO ASI1600 are identical. Atik Horizon and ZWO, in my understanding, simply utilize a different (x10) graduation for gain since one is in whole units and the other is in tenths. As a result, in Atik Speak, 10 equals 100 ZWO, 30 equals 300, and so on. When I switched from Atik Infinity to Sharpcap, I found this incredibly handy since, although Infinity was delightfully easy for novices because to its defaults, it lacked numerous functions (but I believe Dusk has since remedied). When submitting photographs in more active forums, I followed the gain (divided by 10) and exposure settings established by ASI1600 users.                                                                                                        tiny fishing
Atik Horizon / Re: Horizon monochrome and C-14 Hyperstar
« Last post by Altouch on June 04, 2022, 12:25:49 am »
Hi Nicolas. Dusk worked well for flats (and darks). There is a box to check for even illumination - which is what flats are about. Remember to uncheck even illumination for light frames. I shoot flats, darks, dark flats. I also have bias frames but with darks and dark flats my mentors say don’t use bias frames. I have had a good experience using dusk.

I have used Dusk to somewhat automate imaging. I can’t use a filter wheel with my setup.  I have to manually change filters. It is fantastic for shooting darks. I can automate temperature, duration, and number to take. Set it up and walk away. I found dusk reliable. Always remember to set the pad appropriately. You can have it on (0-65535) or off (0-4095) but be consistent. Darks, flats, or lights without pad don’t mix well in the processing with the same that are padded.

Do you have a focus motor? Dusk moves my focus motor appropriately, finds the best focus point, but then I have to command it to go to that focus point. Maybe some setting I am missing.

Regards, Altouch.
Atik Horizon / Re: Horizon monochrome and C-14 Hyperstar
« Last post by nicolas on June 03, 2022, 02:03:30 pm »
Can I make the flat frame actually show up in the forum?  Let’s try one more time.

Hi Altouch

I have the Atik Horizon 2 mono.. and I have the same problem (gradient) to do the flats...
You speak about to use DUSK... I will try. You have tried with DUSK and all is OK for your flats ?
Thanks a lot
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